Can CBD help with Alcoholism

can cbd help with alcoholism

Can CBD Help with Alcoholism

Alcohol Abuse, Dependence, Tolerance, and Withdrawal

Alcoholism comes from alcohol abuse (example… consuming liquor in a way that effects one’s life adversely), and this is frequently identified with a feeling that alcohol needs to be consumed on a regular basis in order to work normally, with a failure to quit drinking regardless of the fact that the individual wants to quit. Everybody knows that the more alcohol a person consumes the stronger the resistance to alcohol, meaning more alcohol needs to be taken in during the same time period to feel a similar impact they encountered the first occasion when they drank. If people quit drinking, particularly suddenly, individuals with a reliance on alcohol with start to sense symptoms of alcohol withdrawal.

Liquor withdrawal can be described by various signs and side effects including yet not restricted to anxiety, development of tremors/unsteadiness, depression, annoyance, weakness, palpitations, and so on, while extreme liquor withdrawal is portrayed by more serious events, for example, the outbreak of seizures and delirium tremens (with manifestations including a perplexed state, fever, tremors/unsteadiness, seizures, changes in mental capacity, annoyance, mind flights & illusions), which can lead to death in 1-5% of cases.

The negative impact associated with withdrawals will often cause people to continue drinking to avoid these undesirable feelings.

More than 38 million grown-ups drink excessively. Of that 38 million, roughly 17 million have alcohol abuse disorders. Alcohol abuse is the 3rd leading cause of preventable death and results in costs totaling over $200 billion each year. Mishandling liquor hugely affects individuals, their families, and society and is a major hindrance to stopping alcohol mishandle/abuse. Managing how much alcohol one consumes is very important to aiding people overcome alcohol dependence.

can cbd help with alcoholism

Study Results

PET scans help us to envision the working of organs and tissues which empowers us to quantify action/accessibility of CB1 receptors (a cannabinoid receptor discovered most regularly in the mind and spinal cord). Creators of a review distributed in The Journal of Neuroscience in February 2014 found that cannabinoid flagging changes in the brains of liquor non-users, non-dependent liquor users, and dependent liquor users.

Scientists found that in the brains of social, non-dependent drinkers (i.e. “non-alcoholic” consumers, n=20), action/accessibility of CB1 receptors was significantly increased after administration of ethanol (i.e. liquor) into the circulatory system.

Dependent users demonstrated a noteworthy reduction in the movement/accessibility of CB1 receptors (i.e. “alcoholics”, n=26) after long term, substantial utilization of liquor, even following 1 month of forbearance (no liquor use). Heavy use, activity/availability was especially decreased in the areas of the cerebellum. The cerebellum is the piece of the mind required in coordinating movements. It is likewise in charge of creating fine developments, for keeping up posture and balance, and the parieto-occipital cortex (area of the brain which may be involved in planning processes).

After a period of time abstaining from alcohol, additional areas of decreased activity/availability of CB1 receptors were the ventral striatum (a part of the brain activated when a reward/pleasurable feeling is perceived) and the mesiotemporal lobe (an area whose damage is sometimes associated with epileptic seizures).

Can CBD Help with AlcoholismCan CBD help with alcoholism

By consuming CBD, the CB1 receptors receive an abundant amount of CBD and give a feeling of reward or pleasure to the brain. CBD is the most important daily supplement that we can take for our brain. CBD receptors are located in the brain, abdomen and reproductive area. The brain is most affected by alcohol, so it is very important to take a sufficient amount of CBD to combat the alcoholism.

The best CBD to combat alcoholism and the negative effects of it would be our 500mg Tincture. It comes in Peppermint, Vanilla, and Natural Earth. I always recommend peppermint because of the natural benefits peppermint oil provides. It helps with acid reflux, upset stomach and a myriad of digestive problems. It is also a natural treatment for anxiety and depression.


CB1 receptor stimulation is included with subjectively feeling reward/joy. Taking CBD opens up the body’s natural effect. Be that as it may, if the receptors are overstimulated, as by long term, substantial utilization of liquor, their movement/accessibility will decline and sentiments of depressions and anxiety will set in. Amid a time of abstinence from liquor, this decreased stimulation may prompt to an expanded wanting for alcohol, keeping in mind the end goal to re-set up the positive feelings related with its use. Taking CBD will stop this desire and hinder the negative impacts of alcoholism. Furthermore, amid the early periods of abstinence, neurons get to be distinctly hyperexcitable (i.e. overactivated), which can prompt to their damage and death.

Therefore, for alcohol-dependent individuals attempting to reduce or eliminate their alcohol use, treatments aimed at increasing signaling of cannabinoid receptors in the brain [e.g. (1) cannabinoid therapies such as taking daily doses of CBD (targeted, isolated/synthetic CB1 receptor “stimulators”, or potentially whole-plant use (edibles) if deemed appropriate by and closely monitored by a healthcare provider) or (2) therapies that upregulate CB1 receptors], may be useful for the following reasons:


  • Since cannabinoids may act as neuroprotective agents (with the potential to reduce hyperexcitability and prevent brain cell damage), cannabinoid therapies may directly prevent harm to the brain caused by withdrawal.
  • Cannabinoid therapy use, in combination with alcohol abstinence, may be helpful in the treatment of alcohol dependence and withdrawal by assisting in the prevention of alcohol cravings.


If you are a pill person, try our Colorado blend of CBD that comes in capsule form.


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